Growing up in a small town, there wasn't much to do.  We used to spend many summer afternoons hanging around the downtown area where a major highway passed through (called a "business route" today).  Huge, noisy semi-trucks seemed exciting to us young boys so we devised entertainment around them.  Sometimes we counted all the exotic out-of-state license plates plastered on the back of their trailers.  Other times we followed them closely on our bikes to see if they would pull us along stock-car style ("drafting").  Perhaps the most foolhardy thing we did was snap pictures of them as they turned the corner off Main Street.  Armed with just primitive Brownie Kodak cameras, we'd take a photo as they angrily roared by.  You'll note from these old snapshots that the trucks were VERY close to us as no zoom lenses were involved!!!  Imagine the excitement as these images filled our view-finders!  Wow!  It's a wonder that Joey is still here to share these stories.      ENJOY!